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Playing With Juju
By Oloye

People have always asked if the phenomenon of juju works with the game of football or any game at all. Many wonder why people even bother with this phenomenon after all to them if it does work, then countries who can boast of the most powerful juju men, babalawos, dibia or witch doctors should be the ones controlling the world of sports. Hey that would have been good news for many countries who do not have the privilege of cutting edge training facilities to train their players but can easily boast of some of the most fearsome and powerful spiritualist on the face of the planet. I mean countries like India and a host of African countries with deep traditional beliefs would be ruling the world of sports using the help of their advanced spiritual ability.

Anyways this article is not in favor or against the use of juju in football, it never worked for me but that does not mean I can speak for those who it might have worked for. But this article is just to showcase with a sprinkle of humor here and there my experience with this phenomenon over the period I played the game. You see I grew up in a society with strong beliefs in the super natural, so it is not unusual to quickly label anything out of reach as being paranormal, hey I can still remember my primary school days and the trauma my school went through in the hands of the two soccer giants in primary school football competitions. Two schools that always send the fear of God through our spine, and anytime we are paired to face them, we knew we have come to the end of the road. The schools were St James primary school Okebola and our neighbors at Mokola, the Army children school.

Now while it was easy to explain with good reasons, why those army children were always whooping our behind whenever we meet them, we could never phantom out why a fellow bloody civilian primary school wielded such an aura of invincibility over us. Ok we believed that the children of those army officers were being injected with the same drugs that were administered on their parents, hence their unusual strength and superior ability over us the poor offspring of bloody civilians. But how do you explain the case of St James primary school Okebola, well we soon got our answers, they must have possessed supernatural ability made available by the use of juju as this would explain why they have won the cup more times, than any other primary school in Ibadan in the entire the history of the competition.

You see back then it was common to hear stories woven around those bad whooping we often received from this school. We would be told the next day how lizards were spotted near our goal post.
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